Martin Carrington


I work as a consultant for the crypto-fintech startup I work on a variety of data science/quantitative analysis projects.

I was a Fellow at The Data Incubator from January to March 2020. The Data Incubator offers an 8-week educational fellowship preparing students for careers in data science. Topics include: SQL, PySpark, Neural Networks (Tensorflow), Scikit-Learn, Data Visualization, Algorithms.
Certificate here.
Link to capstone project.

I completed a master's degree at the University of Toronto in computer science. I was part of the SysNet group. I worked on a mathematical model of community formation in social networks. My work led to a publication at GameNets 2019, a conference dedicated to using game theory to understand networks:
Community Structures in Information Networks (pdf here)

I majored in physics (minor in mathematics). My undergraduate research thesis was is in computational astrophysics. I used and contributed to the open-source MESA software to model the effects of a star's rotation on its evolution. Stellar evolution modeling is a very interesting business because it brings together many different fields of study: numerical analysis, nuclear/quantum physics, fluid dynamics, classical mechanics and more.

Research Interests

- Data science/machine learning
- (Convex) Optimization
- Modeling social dynamics
- Stellar evolution modeling (computational astrophysics)



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